Debra's Music Lessons

Tips for Parents

Saturday, October 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

1.Go over your child’s assignment sheet with your child as soon after the lesson as possible.

     a.Are there any specific notes or comments?

2.Do spot checks on practicing.

     a.Younger children – sit with them the first 2 or 3 days at least.Make sure they are counting aloud and doing each piece 3-5x in a row.They may not get to every song every day at the first of the week.They should           be able to play everything 3x by the end of the week.

     b.Older children – ask for specific items from assignment sheet on days 3 and 5.

3.Listen for counting aloud.

4.Are they following the plan?

     a.Are the practice sections marked?

     b.Are they working on only the pre-determined section Hands Separate and then Hands Together at a slow tempo until they can do it 5 x correct?

     c.Are they “hooking” all the learned sections together 5x?

5.Use the At Home Book !Play along with the CD or disc as directed. 

6.Are they having fun!You have fun doing things you are good at….You get good by doing them over and over.Not having fun?Practice more! Include new things AND always include Old Favorites.