Debra's Music Lessons


  • Lessons occur continuously throughout the year with the exception of the following dates.
  • On the dates listed there will be no lessons.
  • This schedule is currently in progress so the dates are subject to change.
  • Tuition is calculated yearly and provides 45 lessons each year. The yearly tuition is divided in 12 equal payments so tuitions remains the same regardless of how many lessons there are in a particular month.
  • These holidays are accounted for in the monthly tuition so there are no make-up lessons and no reduction in the tuition or make-up lessons on the months in which these holidays occur.
December 21-January 1  Winter Break
January 18  Martin Luther King Jr. Vacation
March 28-April 2  Spring Break
May31  Memorial Day Vacation
June 10-18  Summer Break
July 5th Independance Day Observed
September 6 Labor Day
November 10-12  Veteran's Day Vacation
November 22-26  Thanksgiving Week
December 22-December 31  Winter Break

Please note these dates on your calendar