Debra's Music Lessons

" My daughter has been taking piano classes with Debra Avalos for over a year now. I am really happy with the improvement shown by my daughter during this time. Her confidence keeps growing and she has already participated in several recitals put together by Debra during the year. I am really impressed by how easy she teaches and how knowledgeable she is."

Alex G.   

"Our son has been enjoying piano lessons with Debra Avalos for more than four years. Even though we live more than 15 miles away from her, we continue to make the weekly trek to her studio. It's a pleasure to watch Debra's caring and patient teaching style." 

D. Nguyen

"Our family has been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Avalos for 5 years. Three out of four of our children are her piano students. She is very gentle and patient with our sometimes squirmy kids :). My younger children especially appreciate the toys and art supplies she has available to play with while they wait for their older siblings to have their lessons. I'm very pleased with what competent piano players they have become. In fact, they have inspired me! I started taking piano for myself with Deborah this year and I am loving it!"

Robin R. 


"It’s nice to hear our daughter play the songs that you’ve assigned to her. My wife and I appreciate having you as her teacher. Thank you.”

Stan S.


"To Mrs. Avalos, Thank you so much for being such a great piano teacher! You have really inspired me to want to keep up playing the piano.  From your student, Stephanie”

Stephanie K.


"Thank you for a great piano lesson yesterday! My daughter said the way you teach gave her excitement and made her want to learn more. She really enjoys your lessons!"

Jessica Z.

"Thank you so much for all the things you did for her and making her love playing the piano. She is going to miss you and coming once a week for her class. You have been a wonderful teacher and friend."

Sangeetha M.

"Thank you so much for all these past years of your teaching. Piano has become one of the greatest things I have ever had the pleasure of learning in my life.  Thank you for all your patience, support, and motivation."

Tara M .