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Wednesday, January 20, 2016 | Uncategorized

Here is a formula for successful music study:

Involved parents = Successful Practice + Progress

Successful Practice + Progress = Happy Kids + Successful Music Studies

The key of course being “involved parents”. Much of your music lesson success hinges on this one single factor. Which is why, when I begin teaching a new student one of the first things I do is to strive to help parents be active participants in the music lesson process… even if they have absolutely no musical background.

Most parents have no musical background. Their ability to help with music technique or instruction is limited to such phrases as “Julie, it’s time to practice piano!” or, “Julie, did you remember to practice your violin?”, or “Oh my gosh Julie, your lesson is in 10 minutes, quick, practice!”

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By simply sitting with your children for the first 5 minutes of a practice session and using the following Parent Practice Questions, you can have a huge impact on your children’s musical success.


Sit with your child for the first five minutes of daily music practice and have a little chat… using the questions as a jumping off point for the discussion. And then, wait for your child’s next lesson. If you have indeed taken a few minutes of their day to get involved with music practice, I’ll bet you’ll see some serious progress… which, in the long term, means seriously successful music study!


♩ Where is the hardest part in this piece? can you play JUST that part for me?

♩ Can you play this piece for me in slow motion?

♩ Can I play the last note in this piece? Can you show me which key to press and then nod at me when it's my turn to play?

♩ Clap the rhythm of any measure in this piece and I will try to copy you!

♩ Let's write a note to your teacher about today's practice session. What should we tell her?

♩ What does this mean? (said while pointing at any marking above a music note)

♩ Let's write some lyrics! What do you think this piece is about?

♩ Let's surprise Grandma with a special tune.  I'll phone her... when you hear me say HELLO, start to  play!